Coinzilla Agency Review

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Coinzilla's advertising network founded in 2016. It is aimed to provide the best results for both advertisers and publishers. They focus only on monetizing  sites related to cryptography, starting with valves and ending with blogs with a high rating from this niche.

What they offer to clients: 

  • Competitive rates up to$ 10 (CPM) per thousand impressions; 
  • Quick support with personal manager; 
  • Statistics that are updated every 5 minutes; 
  • Payments are always made on time (after 7 days); 
  • Minimum payout  (only 0.001 BTC); 
  • All payments are made in bitcoin daily for better anonymity; 
  • 10% of your referrals;

What you get as a client: 

  • Quality of traffic from sites related to cryptography; 
  • Strict approval criteria for publishers; 
  • Anti-fraud system for all our ad formats;
  • Performance tracking tools;
  • Campaigns are approved within hours, or even faster;

Since 2016, CoinZilla have successfully completed more than 1000 advertising campaigns.

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